When you arrive in Africa, if you have booked your itinerary from a tour company, they will pick you up from the airport and brief you on your vehicle about the rules and regulations and the detailed scheduled. The tour company will be responsible for arranging your rental car, itinerary and your accommodation. Once you hit the road, you can decide how long you want to stop at each stoppage, whether heading to the nearest national park or staying at your lodge or campsite. If you want to experience a self-drive tour, you just need to book beforehand or go to the booking counter available at the airports to rent a car.

Don’t forget to pack warm clothes and a lot of layering pieces as it’s very chilly early in the morning and during evening time. The best way to choose the right safari is to know what animals you want to see and what time of year to travel to get a glimpse of those animals. So what you can do best is to select the self-drive safari tour with car rental South Africa.

Know the best time for self-drive safaris:

Dry season (May to October)

Go for car hire South Africa for the best driving experience. The best time for a self-drive safari experience is during the dry season i.e. the winter season from May to October in Southern Africa. At this time, the climate is mild and dry, and you will get a glimpse of the animals near the water sources, making it easier to spot them. In East Africa, the seasons are complex and game viewing is at its top in Tanzania from June to October, and the best ideal opportunity to observe the wildebeest movement in the Serengeti is from November to August, although its movement depends on the year’s rainfall pattern.

Wet season (November to April)

The wet season is the rainy season from November to April. It is considered as the low season when it comes to wildlife safaris. Throughout these months, the weather is very hot and the rainfall is frequent, although they are short-lived. Wildlife spotting turns out to be increasingly troublesome during this time as creatures scatter and look for shade. The birthing season happens during the wet season, and a few nations, for example, Botswana, change into a rich and green land and a major destination for bird lovers.

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