Bidvest Car Rental Cape Town

The twinkling lights of the city bouncing off crystal clear waves, the looming magnitude of Table Mountain – Cape Town is the city of sublime spectacles.

The best way to explore any city is by getting in a car and setting out. A kaleidoscope of activities and experiences awaits you as you step foot in this metropolis of multitudes.

Founded in 1988, Bidvest car hire provides a no-nonsense and budget-friendly way to discover the unknown intricacies of a city like a true local.

While driving around an unfamiliar region might seem daunting, Bidvest Car Rental will help equip you to embark on this adventure with confidence.


Perks of Choosing Bidvest Car Hire

Choosing car rentals in Cape Town as your method of transportation will not only enable you to navigate the city on your own schedule. It also allows you to experience the essence of a city.

While getting transfixed by the top destinations in Cape Town, Bidvest Car Rental provides various benefits to ease your journey.


A Variety of Vehicles for Every Type of Traveller





Whether you’re travelling alone or with family members, car hire in Cape Town can offer a structured and safe way to peruse this urban South African jungle.

Bidvest Car Rental offers various types of vehicle sizes to provide a wide scope of coverage for whatever type of adventure you’re planning to embark on. From the compact Hyundai Atos to the spacious Toyota Hilux 4×4 Double Cabs, Bidvest Car Rental has got you covered.


Feel Safe on the Road with Bidvest Assist

With the unexpected trails and errors accompanying any road travel, Bidvest Car Rental provides assistance in times of need. Bidvest Assist has various services in place to ensure the well-being and safety of customers. These include:

  • 24-hour assistance for medical emergencies, including free transportation to the nearest medical facility.
  • Requested roadside assistance for customers relating to minor motor technical difficulties, including flat tires and lost keys.
  • Got lost? Bidvest Assist call centres are equipped to offer helpful advice and directions to guide you to your desired destination.

Note: In the event of a crash, reporting your car accident is required by South African Law and should be filed within 24 hours of the incident. You should also notify and send the necessary information to your nearest Bidvest Car Rental branch.


Explore More by Saving Time




As fun and informative as the staple City Sightseeing red buses can be, public transport in South Africa isn’t always reliable. No need to calculate if you’ll make the check-out date of your accommodation with the hassle-free car hire services of Bidvest Car Rental.

Ditch the communal timetable and rent a car to move at your own leisure. This ultimately reduces waiting times and creates a tour within a tour of the nooks and crannies of Cape Town and discovering its hidden gems.


High-quality Additional Services and Items Offered

While you might still remember that ultimate feeling of freedom when you got your driver’s license, one thing is certain – driving isn’t always fun. Bidvest Car Rental in South Africa offers additional packages to alleviate some of your travel anxiety.

With a variety of options available, give your car renting experience that tailor-made feel. These additional services and items include:

  • A 24-hour, 7 days a week Door2Door Transfers service. Qualified drivers will collect and transport you to your requested location. A one-day advanced notice, however, is required to book this service successfully.
  • Travel in style with Bidvest Chauffeur Drive, the ultimate package for the business man on-the-go. Your own professional road butler provides pick-up and drop-off services and even waits for you outside locations if requested.
  • Truck and van rental options are available if you need the extra space.


Extra Information to Know for Your Car Hire, Cape Town




Renting a car at Bidvest Car Rental is easy breezy if you have the correct documentation for driving in South Africa. This includes a valid form of identification produced at the time of renting your vehicle.


If you are an international visitor, you are required to present your passport and your local driving licence. If your local driving licence is not printed in English or does not have an image then you are required to show an International Driving Licence.


Locations to Pick-Up Your Bidvest Car Rentals

One of the most popular pick-up location branches in Cape Town is Cape Town International Airport. This is due to the convenience and efficiency it provides, allowing travellers to seamlessly move from one mode of transport to another.

The Bidvest Cape Town Airport branch allows you to eliminate any further time wasted on travel. But, if you prefer to travel a bit before obtaining your rented car, other branches are located in and around Cape Town for your convenience.


Bidvest Car Rental Cape Town International Airport

Address: BG12, Central Car Rental Building, Cape Town, 7525

Contact number: 021 927 2750

Trading hours: Mon-Sun (06:00-22:00)


Cape Town City Centre

Address: 33 Bree St, Cape Town City Centre, Cape Town, 8000

Contact number: 021 418 5232

Trading hours: Mon-Fri (08:00-17:00), Sat-Sun (08:00-13:00)


Khayelitsha Travel

Address: Lookout Hill Spine Rd, Ilitha Park, Cape Town, 7784

Contact number: 021 361 4505

Trading hours: Mon-Fri (09:00-17:00), Sat (09:00-12:00), Sun (By arrangement)


Stellenbosch City Centre

Address: 4 Bell Road Adam Tas Business Park, Unit 11 Stellenbosch, Cape Town, 7599

Contact number: 021 887 6935

Trading Hours: Mon-Fri (08:00-17:00), Sat (08:00-13:00), Sun (By arrangement)

Note: It’s important to have the correct Bidvest Car Rental contact details in case of emergencies or queries.


List of Options Available for Car Rental

Picking the perfect vehicle for your journey has the potential to make or break your trip. Bidvest Car Rentals offers a variety of models to choose from in an effort to cater to all your travel needs.

These options can be placed in a categorized list to ensure you get exactly the type of transportation you are looking for. A few of these include:

  • Small vehicles: Hyundai Atos 1.1, Toyota Yaris Xi, or similar
  • Mid-sized vehicles: Audi A3, Toyota Corolla Quest, or similar
  • Larger vehicles: Hyundai Venue 1.0, VW Tiguan 1.4 DSG, or similar
  • SUVs: Toyota Hilux 2.4 4×4 Double Cab Canopy or similar
  • People carriers: VW T6 or similar