Want to travel South Africa and the rest of the world without having a negative impact on the environment? While it’s impossible to completely eliminate humanity’s carbon footprint on our planet, there are various things that we can do to ensure that we minimise our personal impact. With a few eco conscious driving choices, you can explore on the open road with a little less environmental impact related guilt. Every little bit helps, right?

10 Ways You Can Be a “Green” Driver While You Travel

If you are an enthusiastic globe trotter and find yourself booking car hire on a regular basis, take a look at our 10 green driving tips for travellers below.

1. Hire low emission, fuel efficient vehicles

One particular car rental company that advertises its commitment to environmental responsibility on a global scale is Europcar. Fuel efficient and low emission rental cars available at Europcar hire can reduce fuel consumption by as much as 33% and of course, they release less emissions too.

2. Slow down a little – take it easy

If you are hiring a car for a holiday, then this advice will probably have immense value to you. By slowing down and “taking it easy”, you can truly soak-in your new and interesting surroundings. At the same time, you can reduce fuel consumption and emissions. The harder you accelerate, the fewer greenhouse gases the car will produce.

3. Travel light

This is a little easier said than done when travelling, but if you are spending a few days in one location/general area, you don’t need to explore with all of your luggage on board. Leave some of the baggage at your hotel/accommodation. The lighter your car, the less fuel it will use.

4. Ditch the car for a day

If you are visiting a destination that has nice weather and beautiful scenery, why don’t you ditch the car for the day and rent a bicycle or walk the area! You could even use public transport. This is a popular thing for tourists to do in many destinations across the globe. Your car can’t product emissions if it’s not being used.

5. Feel the pressure (of your tyres)

If you are planning to use your hire car to travel a long distance, check that your tyre pressure is just right. If your tyres have less pressure than recommended, there will be more rolling resistance and your vehicle will end up using more fuel.

6. Turn the car off when stationary

If you are going to be waiting for longer than 2 minutes with the car idling, turn it off. You will save a bit of fuel as well as limit emissions.

7. Gear up (the right way)

Are you aware that the way you change gears could impact on your fuel economy? It’s important to shift gears smoothly and at the right times. When you hire a car from Europcar hire or any other rental company try andchoose a car with a similar transmission to your own private vehicle. If you can’t just go easy on the gears.

8. No need to slam the brakes

If you tend to brake abruptly, it’s time to reconsider your slowing technique! Sudden breaking and accelerationcan cause your vehicle to use extra fuel.

9. Opt for the fan

If it’s warm, run the fan instead of the air conditioner. Most travellers who hire cars for their trips want to cut back on costs. Unfortunately, the convenience of the air conditioner costs in fuel consumption. By simply opting for the fan, instead of the aircon, you can cut back on fuel consumption.

10. Orange light means slow down

Many people see an orange traffic light and something inside them tells them to speed up to get through the intersection before the light turns red. Don’t be that guy/girl! If you speed up, you will use more fuel and create more emissions. When you see an orange light, use it as an opportunity to slow down and take it easy.

Support Car Hire Companies that Support Green Driving Efforts

If you prefer to support “green” companies, we’d like to bring Europcar to your attention! Europcar is not just another car hire company operating in South Africa. It’s a car hire company that has an ongoing commitment to the environment and long-term sustainability. The company features fleets of low fuel economy and low emission vehicles. Simply take your pick!

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