A self-drive experience in South Africa can be a new encounter for those used to the roads of North America and Europe. South Africans drive on the left hand side of the road and all signs are written in English. It is a rule to wear a safety belt consistently, and using a mobile while driving is completely not allowed, doing so you will be fined. In South Africa, you have to drive on the left side of the road and road conditions are the best all throughout the nation with a speed limit of 120 km/h on the highways. The speed limit is different at different parts of the highway. Make certain to watch out for the road signs to see the speed limit, otherwise you will be halted by traffic officials or will be caught by a speeding camera.

In South Africa, most of the main roads and highways are in good condition. But, at times you might get a bumpy road, where a rough terrain vehicle either from Sixt Car Rental or Europcar Car Rental would be essential, especially when you need to drive through a rural area. In increasingly remote regions, be cautious of the signs you are following and pay attention to the surrounding area well, as sometimes online maps show you the shortest way, which usually leads you to a no man’s land.

You may see many individuals strolling along the road just as creatures like goats and dairy animals crossing before you. They will be sufficiently simple to see during the day; however you should be extra cautious when driving during nightfall. Most of creatures you see will be domesticated animals creatures, and it’s impossible you will see any lions or other wild creatures. If a lion, wild ox, or elephant happens to cross your way, stay inside your vehicle and wait for the animal to cross the road.

There are cleared parkways and optional streets between all the significant towns, and all gravel roads are connected to the rural areas. The cemented roads aren’t that great and some areas have many potholes. However, the bad roads are warned with a sign posted, so look out for ‘slaggate’, the word for potholes in Afrikaans. Likewise, watch out for the local people and their domesticated animals, particularly when driving on the dirt roads of the Wild Coast and in country KwaZulu-Natal. Drive circumspectly on rock paying little heed to the kind of vehicle you’re driving. Letting you drive gradually, even ordinary vehicles will be fine on dirt roads. Car Hire South Africa is your complete solution to select from a wide range of rental cars from Bidvest Car Rental, Sixt Car Hire and so on. Choose what best suits your budget and where you are travelling.