Africa is the home of the quintessential safari, where access to the outside, the wilds and the ability to get off the beaten track draws a substantial range of visitors and travelers to this mainland. For huge numbers of these explorers their African holiday will include a self-drive part in some limit. Car Hire South Africa has assembled some driving tips and information to make your on-street driving experience smoother and your rough terrain travel free from unwelcome shocks.

Advantages of car rental South Africa

The main advantage to renting a car is flexibility. Having your own transport means that you can adjust your travel plans on a whim, whether that means making a spontaneous stop in an idyllic town that you discover en route to somewhere else; taking a detour to visit an attraction that you hear about from your fellow travelers; or leaving somewhere early if you find that it’s not quite what you expected. The independence of a self-drive vacation is ideally suited to families, while many visitors find that renting a car is a more cost-effective option than an expensive packaged tour.

Tips for Driving in South Africa

Renting your car is only the first step to a successful self-drive vacation.

Driving in South Africa can be a novel affair for those used to the roads of North America or Europe. Initially, you’ll have to get used to driving on the left hand side of the street (and to working a right-hand drive vehicle).

Street signs are frequently written in Afrikaans and also English, and distance is measured in kilometers. Speed limits change as often as possible, so try to look out for signs; although by and large, the normal speed limit is 60 km/h in cities, and 120 km/h on the open road. Avis Car Rental!

South African road rules are much the same as everywhere else, with a couple of special exceptions. Four-way stop boulevards are regular in cities, and first served premise. On single path expressways, you’ll see that cars frequently pull over onto the hard shoulder to give different vehicles a chance to overtake – blazing your dangers is the right method to thank individuals if they do this for you.

It’s dependably a smart thought to keep change in your car, either to pay the charges on toll streets, or for tipping attendants at the gas stations. The last will draw your gas for you and additionally checking tyre weight and oil levels. A R5 tip is common here. Consider renting Budget Car Hire!