Hertz Car Hire is an international car hire company whose history in South Africa is a turbulent one. Though it was South Africa’s first ever car hire company; the company which started in 1919 as Dalville Wood Motors and Car Hire and became a Hertz franchise in the 1950s South Africa, was somehow overtaken in popularity and fame by other car hire companies which came later even though it is ranked among the top. Maybe because of the ten to eleven year period that Hertz left South Africa between 1986 and 1997. It has now been back in the country for seventeen years.




Hertz Car Rental South Africa services include coach charters and chauffeur drive and the chauffeur is expected to be at the meeting point at least ten minutes before time to assist in case the customer has any luggage. If you hired the car on a chauffeur-driven offer where you will sleep over where you are going, the rental charge does not include chauffeur accommodation. All their car hire services should be booked for in advance.

Hertz Car HireThe company has a wide selection of cars the customers can pick from and competitive prices to match. They offer up to eleven car groups to pick from, ranging from the most affordable economic cars, to the more expensive luxury cars. They have many client and vehicle pick up and drop off points and have branches at all major South African airports and more than thirty branches in Southern Africa alone.

They have a rent here leave there service, where you can rent the car from a branch but surrender it at a different one. They also have a delivery and drop service where they bring the car to wherever you will be though some distances would require that you pay a fee. They also collect from anywhere sometimes for a fee. Their services also include crossing over into all countries neighbouring with South Africa and sharing a border with it, but this is only done after making prior arrangements with Hertz Car Hire personnel.


Popular Branches

Some of the most popular Hertz Car Rental branches include; Hertz car Hire Durban and Hertz car hire Cape town with some of the best car hire rates available in South Africa.


Hertz Car Rental Disabled Services

They show their consideration for the physically challenged or those who need physical assistance by offering the hand controls which fit in all automatic vehicles made specifically for those with certain physical disabilities. They also have other equipment which makes the journey easier and better like the GPS and baby and child seats which are available on request, though for an extra fee.

If there are two of you to share the driving burden, Hertz Car Hire has the right option for that in the ‘Hertz additional driver’ option where you pay a fee for the extra driver or drivers as the case may be. Whoever has to drive the Hertz Car Hire vehicle, however; needs to have a valid unendorsed (at least two year-old) driver’s licence and the driver has to be at least twenty-three, but those below twenty five have to pay a young driver surcharge.


Hertz Car Hire South Africa

Hertz Car Hire has a mileage policy which stipulates that the rental the customer pays includes an estimated mileage after which you have to pay a fee to cover the excess. They also offer a fuel purchase option where you can purchase your own fuel before you start, or you bring the car with a full tank when you drop the car off. The last option it to bring the car with the tank at whatever level and have it refilled and you pay. If buy your own fuel, they offer no refund for any fuel left over.

The company has special offers at certain times during the year like the current offer of renting a double cabin vehicle for R749 per day. Other such specials include various loyalty programmes through which you can save on your rental rates or accommodation in some hotels or have a reduced air fare. The loyalty programmes mainly depend on the companies which partner with Hertz Car Hire.

Hertz Car Hire is known for offering efficient service at all times and for having motivated staff. Their twenty-four hour customer service and road assistance service gets positive reviews from clients and so does the general way the staff handle and treat the clients. They have a high customer service level.

Hertz has been in the car hire business long enough to know all the tricks to apply to make their business a success, and seem to be applying all the tricks to their advantage. They offer the right products and try to give fair prices in addition to reasonable offers. The staff know the side on which their bread is buttered and this shows in their clientele.  They have managed to acquire worldwide clients, those who will hire nowhere else but from Hertz Car Rental South Africa, this takes trust and belief in something. The clients have come to believe that their needs will be satisfactorily met, and Hertz Car Hire has not let them down, so far; and hopefully never.


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