Bluu Car Rental


Cheap Car Hire With Bluu Car Rental in South Africa

Bluu Car Rental operates throughout the country with the option to rent a car, van, 4×4 or canopy truck at an affordable price. Depending on the location, season and demand, you can rent a vehicle for as low as R500 per day.

Here at Carhire South Africa, alongside Bluu, we help you make an informed choice while offering the best prices on the market today.



More About The History of Bluu Car Rental and Bidvest Car Rental

While Bluu Car Rental is relatively new on the block, only having started in 2021, it’s by no means new to the game. It was formerly known as Bidvest Car Rental — a company that has been one of South Africa’s largest trusted vehicle rental companies for decades.

The Bidvest Group started in 1988 and quickly grew momentum as one of the country’s leading services, trading, and distribution companies. By 2015 Bidvest Car Rental became an independent South African company as they were previously part of the Budget Car Hire company.

Then in 2021, Bidvest Car Rental resolved and was bought over by Thesele Group, among others, to open up a new company while still upholding the Bidvest standards of excellence. This new company emerged as Bluu Car Rental.


Various Services Offered by Bluu Car Rentals

Bluu Car Rental offers the following services to make their rental process easier:

  • Their Door2Door transfers take you from your door to your destination. It is available 24/7 in the Western Cape, Gauteng, and KwaZulu-Natal.
  • With Chauffeur Drive, you get a personal driver that will meet you in a luxury car to transfer and wait for you in between business.
  • Whether a corporate company or tour operator, this car rental service eliminates the hassle.
  • Car, van or truck rental is available from over 40 branches across the country.


Partnerships and Agreements

To give you the best services 7available, Bluu Car Rental has teamed up with a few partners to make your local and international travels as smooth as possible.

These partnerships include successful companies like SATSA, Kruger Gate Hotel, PGA  (Professional Golfers Association), and Super Sports Schools.

Such partnerships allow clients to get the best deals on products and services offered by both partners. Bluu also works with Sunny Cars for car hires at international destinations.


Extras to Consider When Hiring a Car from Bluu Car Rental

There are a few additional items or services you can add to your car rental to enhance your driving and renting experience further:

  • Child Seat – For only R500 per rental, you can get a booster or baby seat to secure the little ones safely in the backseat.
  • GPS Rentals – The touchscreen 24 satellite device comes at R110 per day and is available in 24 languages.
  • Bike Carrier – For only R90 per day, avid riders can rent a Passage 2 Thule Bike Carrier to fit at the back of their vehicle.


Bluu Car Rental Branches

Bluu Car Rental has over 40 branches across South Africa and Lesotho and offers automobile rentals. Whether you’re looking for a van, truck or car, this car rental company can get you one in just a few easy clicks.


Which Airports Host Bluu Car Rental Branches?

Whether you’re searching for a car rental in Cape Town or a Bluu car rental at OR Tambo, here at Carhire South Africa, we’ve got you covered no matter where you are. Find Bluu car hire branches at these airports nationwide:


  • Eastern Cape: East London Airport (BS)
  • Free State: Bram Fischer Airport (JH)
  • Gauteng: O.R. Tambo Int. Airport (JS), Lanseria Airport (LS)
  • Kwazulu-Natal: King Shaka Intl. Airport (LB), Pietermaritzburg (Oribi) Airport (PM)
  • Limpopo: East Gate Airport (EG)
  • Mpumalanga: Kruger Mpumalanga Airport (NS)
  • Northern Cape: Kimberley Airport (BV)
  • Western Cape: Cape Town Intl. Airport (DM)


There is also one international branch available:


bluu car hire


Bluu Car Hire’s Fleet

Bluu Car Rental has a range of vehicles in its fleet for individuals, families, or corporate transfers.

Car Rental Options

  • Group A: Hyundai Atos (Manual) or similar
  • Group B: Toyota Starlet (Manual) or similar
  • Group C: Toyota Corolla Quest (Manual) or similar
  • Group D: Toyota Starlet (Auto) or similar
  • Group E: Toyota Corolla Quest (Auto) or similar
  • Group F: VW T-Cross (Auto) or similar
  • Group G: Audi Q2 (Auto) or similar
  • Group H: Mercedes C Class (Auto) or similar
  • Group I: Toyota Fortuner 4X4 (Auto) or similar
  • Group J: Mercedes C Class 200 (Auto) or similar
  • Group K: Toyota Urban Cruiser (Auto) or similar
  • Group L: Haval Jolion Premium (Auto) or similar
  • Group 1M: Toyota Hilux 4×4 Double Cab – Canopy (Manual) or similar
  • Group 5M: Toyota Hilux 4×4 Double Cab Canopy (Auto) or similar
  • Group P: VW T6 (Auto) or similar
  • Group U: Toyota Corolla Cross (Hybrid) or similar


Vans & Trucks

  • Group 1A: ½ Ton Open or similar
  • Group 1B: ½ Ton Closed or similar
  • Group 1D: 1 Ton Open or similar
  • Group 1E: 1 Ton Closed or similar
  • Group 1F: 4×2 Single Cab, Diesel, Open or similar
  • Group 1G: 1 Ton Closed or similar
  • Group 1H: 1 Ton Cargo Van or similar
  • Group 1K: 1 Ton Panel Van Closed or similar
  • Group 1N: 1½ Ton Panel Van or similar
  • Group 2A: 14 Seater Bus or similar
  • Group 23: 23 Seater Bus or similar
  • Group 1L: 4×4 Single Cab or similar
  • Group 1M: 4×4 Double Cab or similar
  • Group 15: 8 Ton Closed or similar
  • Group 26: 4 Ton Closed Tail Lift or similar
  • Group 27: 8 Ton Closed Tail Lift or similar


Door2Door Options

  • Group 3C: Toyota Corolla Quest or similar
  • Group 3H: Mercedes C Class or similar
  • Group 3N: VW T6 or similar
  • Group 3P: Hyundai Staria or similar
  • Group 3X: Toyota Quantum-13 Seater or similar
  • Group 3V: VW Crafter or similar


Top Tips for Bluu Car Hire

  • If you are renting a car, make sure that the driver is over the age of 23 or has a driver’s license older than three years. If not, you’ll have to pay an additional R150 per day.
  • Drivers need to possess a credit card to rent a vehicle. The rental company does not accept debit cards or “electronic use only” cards.
  • All Bluu cars are rented out with a full tank of fuel. However, if renters wish to refuel their vehicles, they may do so on their own accord. If vehicles are returned without a full tank, renters will need to pay an additional R40 refuelling fee.
  • If possible, try and rent a vehicle from the town centre offices instead of the airports. This way, you save a few bucks per day as it’s slightly cheaper.


Bluu Car Rental FAQs

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    Who Owns Bidvest Car Rental?

    As of 2020, Bidvest car rental closed its doors due to the pandemic. In September 2021, the Thesele Consortium announced that they are the new company owners. Since then, the company name has been rebranded to Bluu Car Rental.

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    What Do You Need When Collecting Your Car From Bluu Car Rental?

    When you pick up a car, you’ll need to bring along the following documents:

    • Proof of identification
    • Valid driver’s license
    • Rental contract and fee
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    How Are Rates Quoted at Bluu Car Rental?

    Rates are quoted within 24 hours from the time of the rental to the time of vehicle return. If renters only rent the vehicle for a one-way trip from one rental facility to another, Bluu Car Rental will quote the fee from the time of reservation.

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    Are There Any Administration Fees?

    Yes. There is an administration fee of R350 saved in reserve in the slight chance that a driver gets a traffic fine while driving the rented vehicle.

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    What if I Damage The Rental Car?

    There is also a Minor Damage Waiver Fee of R40 per day, covering any damage to a rented vehicle less than R2 500 in repair fees. If the damage costs exceed R2 500, this waiver will not be applicable.

    This minor damage waiver fee does not include water, tyre, undercarriage or windscreen damage. There is an additional tyre & glass waiver drivers can purchase at R65 daily.

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    What Is the Cost of a Standard Vehicle?

    The cost of a standard vehicle rental depends on your location and during which season you’re renting. If you’re renting a vehicle during peak season, you can expect to pay around R750 daily. However, rentals can go for about R600 per day if you rent a standard vehicle during off-periods.

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    Can You Have More Than One Driver?

    In the case of co-driving, renters will need to pay an additional R520 per waiver charge driver. These fees are to cover any administration or risk fees. These drivers will also have to present their driver’s license, identification documents, and any forms the single driver would need to submit.

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    What Is an Airport Surcharge?

    This is in accordance with the Airports Company South Africa (ACSA) rules and regulations and applies to all rental vehicles rented from an airport in the country. This is a 13% surcharge on the kilometre and time rate.