These days we are all doing our best to travel on a budget and looking for ways to cut back on travel costs. By choosing to search online with CarHire-South Africa, you will already have access to the best Avis car rental prices in town, but did you know that you can save even more just by choosing the right type of car to hire?

Manual vs Automatic – Which is More Efficient?

When bookinga rental car have you ever stopped to consider whether a manual or automatic car is more economical? Or even asked if it makes much difference to your Avis car rental prices (or any other prominent car rental company), if you hire a manual or automatic vehicle? We took the time to find out.

Truth or Myth? Manual Cars Are More Fuel-Efficient Than Automatic Cars

In the past, it was always believed that manual cars were more fuel efficient than automatic cars. Automatic cars only really made their way onto the global market in the 1940s. Heavier transmissions, limited gears, and drivetrain loss meant that automatic cars were not as fuel efficient as manual cars. Back then, hiring an automatic car might have meant higher hire costs as well as fuel costs.

Things have changed though. Older automatic cars didn’t have the same number of gears as they do now, which meant that in some instances, the automatic car could prove to be a fuel guzzler. Over time automatic cars have enjoyed a variety of technologicaladvancements. More importantly, automatic cars now have more gears. Extra gears mean that the vehicle is able to operate at peak efficiency for a longer period of time. And this means that the car uses less fuel and the cost to you is lower (than in the past that is).

So yes and no! Once upon a time it was indeed true that automatic cars were generally less fuel efficient than manual cars, but this is no longer strictly the case.

It’s difficult to say without specifically looking at the make and model whether a manual or automatic car would be the best choice as some manuals guzzle more fuel. Much the same can be said for automatic transmission vehicles.

Nowadays, whether the car is fuel efficient or not depends on the following factors:

  • Age of the car (newer manuals are more fuel efficient than older versions)
  • Make and model (some cars are specifically designed for fuel economy)
  • The driver (how the car is driven will determine how much fuel it uses)

Which Transmission is Most Popular for Car Rental?

When considering the various Avis car rental prices, you might notice that the types of vehicle transmissions available is determined by which part of the world you are traveling in. In Europe for instance, automatic rental cars are far more prevalent than manual cars.Europeans just generally prefer automatic vehicles.

In South Africa, manual cars have been the popular choice for many years, but now it seems to be a balance between both varieties.

The type of license you hold can also limit you in terms of the vehicle you hire. In some countries if you hold an automatic car license, you will not be able to hire a manual transmission car. However, if you have a manual driver’s license, you can usually drive both vehicle types.

Other Differences Between Manual & Automatic Cars

Fuel economy is not the only reason why people grapple over hiring a manual or automatic car. Below are a few of the differences.

Manual Cars Automatic Cars
An engaging drive that demands more from the driver Smooth, comfortable drive
Stop and start in traffic can become tedious/tiring Better handling in traffic due to no constant gear changes
Use of both hands and both feet for the duration of the trip 2 hands on the steering wheel at all times

Tips for Saving on Fuel Consumption When Renting a Car

There are other ways to save on fuel costs over and above choosing the right make and model of car. Some tips to help you save include:

  • Choose a small, economical car.
  • Drive at the speed limit. Avoid driving fast as this uses excess fuel.
  • Turn the aircon off and open the windows. Using the air conditioner will draw extra power which increases vehicle fuel consumption.
  • Fill up with the vehicle’s recommended fuel type as this will ensure the best possible fuel economy.
  • Travel light. An overloaded car will work harder and as such will use more fuel.

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