Africa is a wild continent brimming with diversity and complexities. A place that is known for icy evenings and warm days, where the urban areas heartbeat and nature is untouched and the culture is as varied as the unique animal life. Include bunches of rock, sand, and tidy, and it appears like the continent is nearly made for an exceptional road trip experience. You simply need to include a Europcar Car Rental!

Start your journey from Johannesburg

The beginning shot rings in Johannesburg, the world-famous city of South Africa; one of the best cities in South Africa known for its great road infrastructure that makes driving a complete unforgettable experience. Joburg, or Jozi as some like to call it, offers tourist an affair as interesting and differing as the city itself. If you want to travel around Johannesburg, car hire Johannesburg would be a top up option for you. A valid driver’s license is required to hire a car in South Africa and all drivers must carry the driver’s permit at all times of driving.

Drive towards the wilderness of Makgadikgadi-Pans National Park

Begin your journey, into the unending wilderness and experience pure energy in the wild that echoes the animal world around you. At the Makgadikgadi-Pans National Park, meet a wide variety of animals– elephants, zebras and hippos.

Get lost in the energetic Victoria Falls

A true force of nature awaits you at Victoria Falls. At 1,000 meters above ocean level, it’s not just the execution of your car that is amazing, yet in addition the huge energy of the water falls. Over long and dusty soil tracks, ingest the amazing magnificence of the “real Africa”, as you propel yourself and your car as far as possible to achieve the north to the extent Lusaka. Furthermore, an experience in Europcar Hire additionally happens outside of the driver’s seat, when you rest underneath the African starry sky, as lions and hyenas increase their speed during the evening.

It’s safari time

Get an opportunity to encounter a credible feeling of true freedom at the world-renowned Lake Manyara National Park in Tanzania. Here, the amazing perspective of the Manyara Lake, several flamingos, delicate giraffes and the remarkable tree-climbing lions waits for you. In short: what you have to pack for your expedition through the wild landmass is adventure, continuance and triumph. The routes are challenging, yet exciting both for the drivers and the cars. Experience the intense and on time driving, kilometer after kilometer.

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