KwaZulu Natal’s Drakensberg National Park is overwhelmed by the barbed peaks of the powerful Drakensberg mountain ranges. One of South Africa’s 8 World Heritage Sites, the Drakensberg National Park is around 250 000 hectares, beginning in the north of the area at Cathedral Peak and bending southwards, sticking to the Lesotho fringe, right to Bushman’s Nek. Referred to by the Zulu’s as uKhahlamba which signifies ‘Boundary of Spears’ in Zulu and as Drakensberg or Dragon Mountain by the Dutch pilgrims, KwaZulu Natal’s Drakensberg mountains are one of South Africa’s generally sensational and lovely characteristic scenes.

With the artefacts found in the park, it is clear that individuals have been living in the Drakensberg area from the Middle Stone Age till now; it is the sufficient instances of San rock workmanship that have been best archived. Guests to the National Park can go for guided strolls up to one of the numerous caverns or rock over-hangs to see instances of these Later Stone Age individuals’ craft. A portion of the fine art goes back to more than 1500 years prior while different models are ‘more up to date’ portraying bull wagons and men with rifles and dairy cattle that have been gone back to around 800 years prior. The biggest assortment of these artistic creations is in the Ndedema Gorge that has around 4 000 canvases alone.

The 35 000 to 40 000 instances of bushmen art found in the caves of the national park recount to the tale of the San bushmen living calmly and in concordance with their condition. Unfortunately the appearance of the Nguni dairy cattle ranchers and in later years, the white pioneers saw this serene concurrence being decimated as the new white occupants chased the wild game in the region and the San’s food resources became limited.

When visiting the Okhahlamba or Drakensberg region, you have the chance to remember and encounter the famous battles in South Africa. You surely end up in where the most captivating recorded occasions in SA occurred. This is the place Piet Retief and 1000 Voortrekkers crossed the forceful Drakensberg Mountains, and phenomenally plunged slippery inclines with all their natural belongings in rose bull wagons. Showdowns with Zulu impi’s along the Bushman’s stream, and the harsh encounters at Bloukrans, Weenan and Moordkuil, where the Afrikaaner country was confronted with elimination, are nevertheless a couple of the hardships they endured on their hazardous trek.

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