Driving on South African roads can both be a troublesome and great experience for guests from abroad. Honestly speaking driving in Cape Town and driving in Johannesburg is so extraordinary it resembles. The rules of driving are the same but people living in different countries apply the rules in different ways. Get in touch only with the best cheap car hire services.

South African drivers are always in a rush so prefer not to be held up by a slower driver or somebody in a small car. On a three lane highway the left lane is the slower lane and the right lane is the fast lane correct and some drivers like they own this lane. Regularly driving in the other two paths one is held up by slower activity and needs to make use of the third lane. Drivers of expensive cars either won’t let you into the lane until the point when they have gone past or drive so near your car that you think they will slam you. For them it doesn’t make a difference whether you are surpassing a large truck or in a slow moving traffic as long as you are out of their way.

What are the hazards while driving?

As a matter of first importance, anticipate that different drivers will overtake you. This may happen on any road, and in any path, so keep a check on them through the car mirrors. If you see somebody trying to get near you, it’s best to simply pull over and let them pass. Use your judgment, however. Try not to do it if you feel that doing as such would put you in damage of your car like coming around a sharp curve. Additionally be ready when you reach a crossing point with a four way stop, which are basic in South Africa. General guideline is “first come, first served”, so focus and hang tight to avoid crashing of your car. Wild animals roaming on the roads and criminal activity can be other issues.

Car hire South Africa, hire the best rental cars

Getting around South Africa can be quite a challenge, given its gigantic size. A standout among other approaches to see the nation is by renting a vehicle. As driving is fun but it can be dangerous. Rent cars from reliable car sources. Know that it is always safe, if you are prepared and know what to avoid- the areas and situations, your road journey can be a wonderful experience.