If you are looking for affordable car hire options in South Africa, you have come to the right place. Renting a car for your business trip or holiday isn’t a frustrating or costly issue now. South Africa is an incredible safari destination throughout the entire year, yet certain seasons of the year are superior to others, all relying upon your needs with regards to activities and encounters.

Routes to drive from Cape Town

Hire different cars, as Car Rental Cape Town will arrange according to your budgets and space prerequisites and specific vehicles

  • Cape Town to Port Elizabeth 745 miles (765 km)
  • Cape Town to Durban 998 miles (1606 km)
  • Cape Town to Nelspruit (near Kruger NP) 1082 miles (1741 km)
  • Cape Town to Mosselbay 242 miles (389 km)
  • Cape Town to George 271 miles (436 km)
  • Cape Town to Johannesburg 865 miles (1393 km)
  • Cape Town to Grahamstown 552 miles (889 km)
  • Cape Town to East London 654 miles (1052 km)

Routes to drive from Johannesburg

Johannesburg in South Africa is considered to be the second largest city in Africa, with more than 3 million individuals calling this metropolitan city their home. If you want to travel around Johannesburg, car hire Johannesburg would be a top up option for you.

  • Johannesburg to Cape Town 865 miles (1393 km)
  • Johannesburg to Durban 352 miles (566 km)
  • Johannesburg to Richards Bay 373 miles (600 km)
  • Johannesburg to Pretoria 39 miles (63 km)
  • Johannesburg to Kruger NP (Nelspruit) 222 miles (358 km)

Routes to drive from Durban

With car rental Durban service, enjoy day trips from Durban. Have the opportunity to pull over at whatever time you need, eat where you want. Find the widest scope of vehicles at the most competitive rates.

  • Durban to Richards Bay 107 miles (172 km)
  • Durban to George 770 miles (1240 km)
  • Durban to Johannesburg 352 miles (566 km)
  • Durban to Cape Town 998 miles (1606 km)
  • Durban to East London 414 miles (667 km)
  • Durban to Nelspruit (Near Kruger NP) 420 miles (676 km)

While driving is the best way to travel but it can be expensive, you just need to do a bit of research to get the best deal. Car rental South Africa makes sure to provide the correct rental car to according to your budget.