Renting a car has become quite common as it offers an easy and flexible mode of transportation to people visiting South Africa. However, in order to get the best service from a car rental agency such as Bidvest car hire, it is important for you to be aware about what to expect from them. This knowledge not only ensures that you get good value for money but also minimizes any chances of conflict and misunderstandings with the agency. Discussed below are the things that you can expect from a renowned provider of car rental service in South Africa.  After going through the points you will get a clear idea as what you Can Expect From A Car Rental Agency In South Africa.


  • Almost every good car rental service will ask you to sign a contract detailing the various aspects of the transaction, including the rent you need to pay, and expected duration of usage, liability in case of damage and other such terms. Go through the contract details minutely so that nothing remains hidden from you.
  • Professional rental service providers such as Sixt Car Rental will generally seek information about your needs and preferences in terms of the type and size of the car and even its fuel efficiency, before suggesting the best option available with them as per your requirements. Be very clear about your expectations from the service provider. This will help them serve you better.
  • A good car rental agency will also enquire about your need for a professional chauffer in case you do not intend to drive in a foreign location and might even provide you with a reliable driver sourced through their network. If possible meet the chauffer in person before the date on which you need the car rental service.
  • Most renowned agencies, like Bidvest car rental will also provide an advisory to you about the important documents that you need to always carry with you and the safety tips you should follow while driving in different locations of South Africa, to enjoy a hassle free journey.
  • Reliable agencies such as Sixt car rental make sure that you are well aware with the various terms and conditions of renting a car from them so as to avoid any altercations and disappoints for either party.

Experience a great car rental service by selecting the reputed car rental service provider.