If you are planning to visit South Africa, and you want to know the best option of getting around, well, you should rent a car. This is because the public transport system of South Africa is not at all good and reliable. If you want to have a perfect travel in the country, hire a car on rent. It not only gives the freedom of traveling wherever you want but gives an opportunity of having a relaxed and memorable travel. So, if you are ready to book your car hire in South Africa, here are few essential things you must consider. Scroll down and check out:

Number one thing to keep in mind is book the car hire as soon as you decide your itinerary and book your air tickets to South Africa. Booking in advance will always help you make a perfect deal. If you book on the spot the rates of the car hire are up surged, so for a cheap deal, book at least a week before traveling. Also, during this time you can have the updates of the websites, if they have any discounts or online deals regarding the fare etc.

After you are done deciding the car rental company, you should tell the company for how long you want to take the car on rent. There are some car rental companies including bidvest car rental which can offer you discounts on weekly rents. The rates are less if you take the car hire for more days. Before you finalize the booking, try to compare the rates of at least three companies.

Another thing that determines the rate of car on rent is the type of car you want. If you compare the collection of sixt car hire, you will notice the cars they have on hire are in a good condition and they have a variety of cars in their fleet. The rate of the rented car depends upon the type of car, its model and condition. Plus you should mention about how many people will share the car.

There is an important thing you must not forget while booking car hire Bloemfontein, that the rentals are expensive when you book them from the airport. So if you want to make that extra saving, go for the option of bidvest car rental, which is close to the airport, not on the airport.

By keeping these tips in mind, you will easily cracka money saving deal on car hire in South Africa.