Experience the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity of driving in South Africa with a wide range of options.

Cobra On-Road Experience in Cape Town

Reveal the insider facts of the beautiful Cape in an a la mode open best Cobra. Experience the excite of the 5.7l motor as you murmur your way along some of the best beautiful roads on the planet. Car Hire Cape Town!

  • Enjoy 24 hours of stylish driving in a Cobra
  • Experience the Cape in a classic open top sports car
  • Includes 100km complimentary mileage

Blow some people’s minds as you drive past in the splendid, bringing colors with the exemplary white stripes down the cap. Driving one of these South African built classic recreations is a certain fire approach to flavor up any normal day. Wind your way up the West Coast road to Langebaan, splash up some sun as you wander among the vineyards of the Winelands and be excited as you appreciate the ocean views along one of the coast roads along the peninsula.

Enjoy your time in glamour and style in these beautifully crafted vehicles. Car Rental Cape Town!

Defensive Driving & skidspan

What is defensive driving? The ability to drive in a responsible way, thinking ahead and responding to upcoming situations or dangers. Test your abilities learnt on the skidpan during the practical session. This basic experience will place you in the seat of a car with a prepared driving teacher deliberately observing each maneuver. During the theory session you will get comfortable with the SIPDE (meaning Span, Identify, Predict, Decide, Execute) system of driving, response times over-steer and under-steer and so on.

The accentuation will be on practical training, which will make them utilize your knowledge with the teacher close by surveying your abilities. Build your confidence behind the driver’s seat on the skidpan as you are instructed how to recover control of your vehicle during a slide. On the effective fulfillment of the course you will be granted a Certificate of Proficiency. Certain insurance agencies offer discount if you can prove attendance. Vehicles are provided for the practical training. Cape Town Car Hire!

Accessibility is the second favorable position of travelling via car. Buckle up for a thrilling ride and experience behind the wheel of your choice. Start the engine and the chase begins with Car Hire to have a thrilling experience. Do a wide search initially to recognize the best car rental organizations at your destination.